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Remote job or office job?

remote job office job



Many people want to work in a cozy office and for others, a remote job is a dream which takes only 5 to 10 minutes to get ready for work. If you work remotely, there is no need to get dressed and go anywhere, you can wake up even 5 minutes before the working day starts while an office worker spends at least two hours preparing.

You can work even from anywhere in the world, but the important thing is that you need to be able to properly organize yourself and your work process, and be able to plan your time, otherwise nothing will be done in time. When you work in an office you're limited by a fixed schedule, you'll be able to rest only at lunchtime, but when you close your laptop at 6:00 p.m. your workday is over.

Remote work sometimes involves being in touch 24/7. Freelancers work much more than office workers. The office worker is paid a fixed salary which will not change due to the amount of work done, but the wages of a remote worker depend on how much he would do. An office worker is supposed to have days off on weekends and paid vacation, a person who works remotely can make a schedule for himself including weekends and holidays.

If you need a vacation, then there's a chance to arrange it at any convenient time and not only 21 days a year, you can go on a journey anytime because if you don't work in the office, the only thing you need is good Wi-Fi.

Companies provide or organize educational training and training for upgrading qualifications, but if you work remotely your development depends only on you. There are many different training courses and masterclasses, but they should be paid for by you. Colleague communication over a cup of coffee is normal for an office worker, you can discuss new ideas, gossip about a newcomer, or complaint about the boss. People who work remotely often do not have this possibility. You can certainly make a meeting online, but this is just for the discussion of the project. People who work at home are often lonely and suffer from a lack of communication. You can often see a freelancer with a laptop seeking communication in the coffee shop.

People who work remotely feel more at psychological freedom, so they work better, but when you visit the office, you know exactly what to expect next month and stability is the key to being calm. Only you decide what is better.


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