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Webinar: MY JOB, What is the FUTURE?!

90 minutes - 4 Speakers from around the world - Sarah Bishop, Tiago Nascimento, Simona Simulyte, Cláudia Gomes   Webinar topics: "How we're employed is how life is enjoyed: what does the future hold for you ?" "How to become the change I want to see in the world" "The Most Valued Soft Skills"

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Our community insights

Erasmus exchange in Turkey will remain long in my memory

My name is Matas Mišeikis, I live and study medicine in Lithuania but last...

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Lithuania-My Erasmus Destination

I was a 3rd-year veterinary medicine student when I did my Erasmus in Lithu...

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How to answer the question. What is your greatest weakness ?

There are four things that this question is trying to uncover, the first is...

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Tips on how to respond to the most common job interview questions

Our team believes that every student and recent grad deserves a great caree...

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