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Norway - my Erasmus destination

erasmus Norwegian University


Norwegian University

When I got the opportunity to go on Erasmus+ I didn’t even hesitate. I wanted to know what it’s like to study in another country. So I started to search for a program that matched me. I stumbled upon a website of a Norwegian University. The courses they offered looked really interesting to me. That’s how I ended up choosing the city of Bergen in Norway as my destination. To me, the country where I would study didn’t really matter. As a student in teacher training, the subjects had to be in line with my education. Since my subjects at my home university are geography and PE, Norway has a lot to offer. 


An abundance of winter activities awaits you

The most common thing to do here is hiking. Bergen is surrounded by seven mountains that are great even for beginners. Coming from Belgium, I didn’t have a lot of experience being in the mountains. But because they are not so high it’s doable. Besides hiking, skiing and sledding are some other activities I did. When the weather gets warmer I will also try to go rafting, visit fjords and go camping. Besides the beautiful nature, you also have the center of Bergen. The city is not that big which makes it peaceful and charming. The wooden houses of Bryggen are one of my favorite places here. I’m also looking forward to learning about the history of Bergen by visiting the different museums.

My Erasmus family

Like most exchange students I live at Fantoft. I share a kitchen here with other students from different countries. Every Saturday evening we have a game night and eat dinner together. Then someone cooks for everyone. Sometimes they cook a typical dish from their country. For me, this is a great opportunity to learn about other cultures and meet new people. This was one of the reasons why I wanted to go on Erasmus+. What I also like about living here is that it’s easily accessible by public transport. I can just take the light rail to go grocery shopping or go to school.


I strongly believe that I will come back as a better version of myself. While being away for six months from friends and family, I have no other choice than to talk to new people. I believe that this will automatically boost my confidence. At home, I can rely on others. It appears to me that here I have to rely on myself. For example, I never cooked before. My mother always cooked for me. Now I have to make food for myself. Basic tasks like these may not be a big deal but they will become really helpful in the future. Now that I have to do these tasks I will automatically be more independent when I am back in Belgium. These are the reasons why I wanted to go on Erasmus+. Because I can’t take the easy way out and just ask somebody else to do it for me. I’m grateful for this opportunity.


Thanks to Axelle for sharing this article


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