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How can an internship launch your career ?




Internships allow you to gain marketable experience in your area of study

In the classroom you read about it; in an internship you do it. Learning how to apply your education in a working environment is the objective of any internship.


Internships Identify Potential Career Paths

By observing the workings of an organization from the inside, you can discover titles of specific positions that interest you, determine the best educational route necessary and employ steps to reach those positions.


Internships Test Career Options

Suppose you’re majoring in civil engineering, but you a hunch you might like genetics more. An internship allows you to test your hunch in a genetics laboratory. Nothing beats a preview of a career field before making a long-time commitment.


Internships Enhance Resumes

Internships always add muscle to a resume. They demonstrate to potential employers that you have to focus, commitment, and practical experience to quickly and productively launch yourself into a job. Internships also show you understand enough about your career objectives and the current job climate to have foreseen the need for this experience and were resourceful enough to get it.


Internships Promote Contacts

Meeting people who have the power to assist your career progress, known as “networking,” may occur in any internship. The people you contact during an internship can boost your knowledge of the career field, and give you good references and job leads in the future.


Internships Boost Job Offers After Graduation

Companies always appreciate an intern who has a working knowledge of their organization prior to arrival.


Internships Ease Transition from School to Real World

For many graduates, the shift from college student to college grad is a bumpy ride. The days of not having to show up in the outside world until your first class, jumping out of bed five minutes before class, throwing on some sweats, and trudging off for a two-minute commute to class are history. Learning the ropes of the post-college world, what employers expect you to contribute and how you are expected to perform on the job makes transitioning easier.


Internships Help Develop Transferable Skills

In the business revolution upending our world, the number one career issue skills. Focus on accumulating transferable skills that cross career fields and office functions. In an internship, you acquire skills that give you something besides your education to transfer to a full-time job.


Internships allow you to Improve Social I.Q

Surviving in the working world involves more than just book knowledge and an intimate understanding of word processors. Lessons in life also involve social skills, including teamwork, conversing with co-workers, and knowing when to stay quiet and when to speak up. Do you have any idea how to handle conflict resolution when your knowledge of a subject is more current than your supervisor’s? Do you know what to do when a clueless co-worker becomes unreasonable? Internships can give you a head start in learning day-to-day social skills on the job.


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