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Erasmus - the best decision of your life

University of Zagreb


When I started my studies at home, I always heard people talking about Erasmus and how amazing it is, but I always thought that it is not for me. I never even considered it… until one day. There was a lecture organized by students who showed us their experience abroad. I was amazed, impressed, inspired. I thought to myself: “Why not?”. So, it stayed at the back of my head until the application. This thought processed in my mind for a while and I understood that this is for me – I love to travel, I love seeing and experiencing new things, I love meeting new people. I decided to go together with a coursemate to feel safer on this unknown journey.

Zagreb offers all that Erasmus need

We went to Croatia, Zagreb. We chose the University of Zagreb because its website was very structured and easy to understand. To say the least – it was the best choice ever. Zagreb is not a very big city, but it had everything that Erasmus students would need – bars, cafes, cinemas, hiking spots, parks, clubs – basically everything that you could imagine. During our first weeks, we managed to meet the most amazing people from many different countries. I could write and talk about Zagreb and my experience in Croatia for a whole day, but I just want to address the main points of my Erasmus.

Best memories of my life

The people that I’ve met are the biggest gift that this experience gave me. I met people that will stay with me and I have the best memories of my life together with them. We traveled throughout whole Croatia together as well as Slovenia and Hungary. We played volleyball in our free time, went for swims, walks, played board games, partied.


This was the best time of my life and I am grateful that I stepped out of my comfort zone, did something which seems scary, and that I would have never thought that I will do. It was devastating to come back to reality when the semester had ended. Time flies so fast when you’re happy every day. But I wasn’t sad for long because even though this journey had ended, the best part – people – stayed with me. We still do video calls, text, and communicate. I have even found love in Erasmus and we are still in a relationship.


Life-changing experience

The thing is, Erasmus is addicting. Once you go, you can’t stop. At least it was like that for me. When I was back home, I missed the international environment so much that I started attending ESN events in my home country. And the best part – I am writing this from my second Erasmus in Madrid. I am here for two weeks already and it has been amazing. Despite the corona, I have still met amazing people and seen incredible new places already! I feel like this is the start of another unforgettable journey and I am so lucky to have a chance like this.

To anyone who is doubting whether to go or not to go on Erasmus – I would advise just take the chance. It may be the best decision of your life. These kinds of experiences people don’t regret – this is life-changing.


Thanks to Lāsma for sharing this article


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