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Medical Student experience in Ankara

medicine studies


Life mellow isn’t it?! Showing colors, giving the best you can, working hard, and imagine that maybe someday you will reach what you promised yourself. Medicine has been my lifetime dream, an expensive thing that one. There are always excuses, most common one financial problems, but when one door closes, a window opens. That was Erasmus's one !

An experience like no other

Erasmus made my life much easier, I can count many habits that I changed so far during this enormous adventure. As a social person loving to be surrounded by family members, being an Erasmus student meant living an independent, alone but not lonely life. Medicine is my entire life, I worked hard to show all of me and waiting now to work as a fresh physician.

However, as an ambitious person, Erasmus taught me to live life to the fullest, leisurely, one step at a time. Ankara is the place where everything begins and never ends…

A little glimpse of my Erasmus journey

Starting with this one, as a 4th-year medical student I attended the First International Advanced Lived & Pancreas Surgery Symposium, invited by Doc. Dr. Ayhan Comert, my favorite professor of Neuroanatomy and in the same time the Coordinator for Erasmus.

At Medical School, the University of Ankara I got the opportunity to assist during Laparoscopic Hepatectomy, cadaver dissection alongside the coach of this course, Professor Albert Chan (MD Queen Mary Hospital, Hong Kong).


My Erasmus Story Quote:

"Step out of your comfort zone and collect as many memories and opportunities as you can, but for the time being do not forget to breathe and most importantly, LIVE."


Thanks to Dijedona for sharing this article


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