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Documenting Your Experiences



Updating Your Resume

Every job and/or experience you have had should be referenced on your resume and internships are no different. Write down the opportunities and tasks you were entrusted with while they are still fresh in your mind. Employers often look for an internship experience in their prospective employees, so making sure your internship opportunities are included on your resume could help secure you a job!


Develop a Portfolio

A portfolio is a marketing tool you can develop to use in your job search. Items that might be included in your portfolio include copies/summaries of completed projects, positive performance reviews/supervisor feedback, and letters of recommendation. Your portfolio can accompany you on future interviews and may be referenced as you talk about the projects and experiences you had as an intern.


Prepare for Interviews

Employers base their hiring decisions on the belief that past behavior and performance predicts future behavior and performance. Conducting an internship will provide you with substantive examples of your knowledge, skills and abilities and their application in a professional setting. Be prepared to share with an employer about your internship experiences in an articulate manner.


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