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Getting Started Guide for People

At Matching4You, we are building a global platform – starting in 22 countries across all continents. All you have to do is select the countries or cities you would like to work in when you create your profile. When organizations post opportunities to work in your chosen locations, you will be automatically shown to them if your profile matches the requirements. Global recruiters, SMEs, and corporate businesses are starting to create job opportunities on this new platform. Be an early adopter to ensure you never miss an opportunity that you might otherwise never know about. 



Pro tip
Dive right in on Matching4You





Customize your profile

To access Matching4You full range of search tools, you need to create your professional-looking profile. Just throwing your email and contact information is not enough. Recruiters are looking for great candidates with complete profiles. You have to find a reason for them to click on your profile and get in touch with you.

Add a photo to your profile to make it easy for Recruiters to find you and see who you are. Use your bio to tell a bit about your personality, study, working background (max 299 characters). Put any courses or skills development achievements, such as Erasmus+, Language courses Certificates, and so on. Upload a short video to show your personality and skills to prospective employers - get ahead of the rest when it comes to job seeking it can be the perfect way to show off your personality, creativity, passion and allows Recruiters to see you behind the CV. 


Pro tip
Profile strength indicator/icon
To see your profile strength on your bottom right look to the indicator showing percentages of how your profile was completed. Remember to focus on your most relevant skills and strengths when creating your Matching4You profile. The more closely you can demonstrate your match to the career opportunity and show the Recruiter how you would add value to the organization, the better your chances of job search success.




To be matched for career and learning opportunities, you need to set preferences such as Opportunity type, Commitment, Job category/Knowledge Area, salary. For that so you get extra match scoring, otherwise, you gonna be far away from the top candidates.



Your personal dashboard

To manage your future career options, it’s important to have simple, organized access to matched opportunities, communicate and track progress. Matched - displays if your profile has been unlocked by the Recruiter or Educator, now you have a chance to apply for the opportunity.



Apply to opportunities

Your profile was unlocked ? Don't forget to Click Here, now you can apply and communicate with a Recruiter.



Live Chat

Contact Recruiters Faster & Easier. If your profile was unlocked, now you can chat directly with a Recruiter.




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