Matching4You tinklalapyje naudojami slapukai (ang. cookies). Tai mažos rinkmenos, siunčiamos į Jūsų tinklo naršyklę ir saugomos Jūsų kompiuterio kietajame diske. Slapukus naudojame, kad užtikrintume tinklalapio patogumą ir funkcionalumą, kad galėtume tinklalapį tobulinti ir vystyti taip, kad jis dar geriau atitiktų Jūsų poreikius. Daugiau informacijos apie slapukų naudojimą, galite rasti mūsų privatumo politikoje. Paspausdami ""sutinku"" Jūs patvirtinate, kad sutinkate naudoti slapukus savo įrenginyje.

5 things to do first on Matching4You


1. Set up your profile

Already signed up ? Great !  Creating a standout profile is your lucky ticket to landing an interview for that dream opportunity you're looking for.

Let’s start with your profile to showcase you and what you’re into.

Make sure you have:

  • Upload a profile photo, keep in mind that your profile photo is the first thing Recruiter or Educator will see when visiting your profile.
  • Add a short summary, it should work as an elevator pitch: briefly describe your personality, achievements, or skills to encourage the recruiter to read the rest of your profile.


2. Follow Recruiters and Educators to be noticed by them

To start following Recruiters and Educators you need to tap the small rocket icon next to the featured Recruiter or Educator, then you will be able to see them on your personal dashboard in the section - I am Following.

Look for Recruiters, Educators you’re interested in to find their recent and featured opportunities, then go to their profiles to get to know more about them.


3. Start Following Opportunities

To start following Opportunities you need to tap the small rocket icon next to the featured listed opportunity, then you will be able to see it on your personal dashboard in the section  - I am interested.


Why follow ?

Following increase your chance to be noticed and unlocked by a potential Recruiter or Educator.

When you follow a profile, you’ll see them on your following list and their Opportunities will appear in your dashboard. We’ll notify the Recruiter or Educator you follow, and you may even get a chance to be noticed, contacted, or even hired.


4. Go to your dashboard to see matches

Your personal dashboard is a place where you can track all progress. You will see all Opportunities, recently registered Recruiters, and Educators, check what Opportunities you are following as well your favorite companies. The more you Explore (visiting profiles, checking recent opportunities, start following them), the more personalized the tab gets.


5. Download the app (Coming soon)

Pick up where you left off. Be on the go with Matching4You – download the app on iOS or Android.

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