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Meet our Team

M4Y Team


We're moving forward with our international Team to provide the ideal platform to grow a global community of work & experience seekers, learners, educators, recruiters, and employers.  This community will provide a gateway to opportunities that may not otherwise be accessible to all. Our core values reflect what is truly important to Matching4You as an organization. These values are embedded in our organizational culture, and they guide how we work with our partners and with each other. We stand for Education, Passion, Innovation, and Commitment.





   Kostas Ališauskas 

       Co-Founder & CEO


   Dovydas Jaseliūnas 






     António Afonso   

       Co-Founder & CVO


        Rui Farinha   

       Co-Founder & CTO


         Carina Pereira   

Operations Manager (Portugal)



UK & Ireland


      Russ Sawdon   

        National Director


       Sarah Bishop   

         National Director





  Reginaldo Ferreira   

       National Director






    Bruno Alexandre   

        National Director



United States


      Vince Vigneri   

        National Director


      Maija Norwood   

      Co-National Director





       Bharat Daga   

        National Director





       Avi Sequeira   

        National Director



             YP Lai   

         National Director





    Jan de Wachter   

       National Director





     Dexter Ortega 

      National Director


           YP Lai   

       National Director





       Jernej Pirc 

      National Director





    Markus Bosdorf 

       National Director


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