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Getting Started Guide for Educators

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Employability is fast becoming one of the major considerations for students and graduates and the success rate in this field is a key factor in deciding where to study.  Matching4You was created by two graduates who struggled to find appropriate work experience during their studies and after graduation.  While it has developed into a more far-reaching platform, this aspect remains at the heart of our ZERO UNEMPLOYMENT GLOBALLY mission. 

The benefits of joining the community, for free, as an EDUCATOR are two-fold.  You can signpost your students, graduates, postgraduates, and alumni to local and global employment and training opportunities.  You can also use the credits that you accumulate as an Educator on the platform, to market your courses or any employment vacancies you have, for free.  

Erasmus+ is a featured partner and the shared experiences of studying abroad, in our Community Insights section, could also be a lure for many international students who may be attracted to institutions.

The community provides FREE FOR-LIFE access for graduates job seekers and Educators.  By Educators, we mean Universities and Colleges, Student Unions, Training Providers, and any associated support services that have employability as one of the outcome goals of the organization.






Customize your profile

Add your institution logo, pictures, videos, descriptions that illustrate your institution's culture and values, rankings, accreditation information,  change the top banner, create up to 10 contents.


Pro tip

Get creative with a top banner

Introduce your institution with a top banner photo. This banner lives on your profile page and can be seen by others.




Post seminars, study programs, courses, and scholarships

Use our platform to reach target groups of students and promote various courses, events, seminars...

Make sure the posting is easy to read. Provide an overview of the opportunity in a brief paragraph. Choosing the right skills is important so that the matching algorithm will find you the best matches. When selecting skills, you can choose your skill level (from basic to proficient user). Our matching algorithm is based on educational background, experience, area of expertise, language preferences, skills, and more.



Unlock candidates

At the bottom of your submission, you can find matched people as well locked, unlocked, followers. Indicator/icon with the percentage shows you the matching score of the candidate. You can choose a candidate based on this. Once you unlocked a candidate, you will be able to contact them directly via online chat.


Pro tip
Candidate matching score indicator
You will find an Indicator with the percentage showing you the matching score of the candidate. You can choose a candidate based on this.



Your personal dashboard

To manage your future candidates, it’s important to have simple, organized access to matched candidates, communicate and track progress. Matched - displays if your opportunity has been matched with the potential candidate, now you can directly contact them.



Opportunity Status (view, edit, duplicate, delete)

You can easily change the Opportunity status and perform other changes (view, edit, duplicate, delete) on the Opportunities page. If you want to delete Opportunity before the posting duration ends you need to change the opportunity status to Expired. You can do this on Publish/Edit Opportunity page at the third (3) step. After this action, your opportunity will move to the Draft where you can perform changes.






Live Chat

Contact People Faster & Easier. If your opportunity has been matched, now you can chat directly with People.


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