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Promoting Yourself for Future Employment

promote yourself


Prepping for Careers

Interning is job hunting, new millennium style. Studies show that about half of new hires have internship experiences. Businesses compete for capable, bright people who learn quickly. Many interns do such impressive work that after graduation, their employers invite them back.

So popular is an internship as an entree into the working world that one-third of college students have one or more internships on their resumes. Newly recognized as hot toeholds in the job market everywhere, internships permit students to sample career fields, taste the realities of working life, and develop the soft skills needed in the workplace.


Promoting Yourself for Future Employment

Be recognized as a star performer.

Work hard to make a good impression at all times, with the goal being to demonstrate your potential for full-time positions.

Do not be afraid to ask questions – it will demonstrate an interest in learning as well as help you to improve your performance.

Demonstrate a positive attitude.

Make the most of every task you are given. Even small assignments will be noticed if there are done with rigor and attention to detail.

Learn from the experienced employees you work with and accept constructive advice.


Learn About the Employer

During breaks, lunch, or slow times ask co-workers about their jobs. Find out what they do on a day-to-day basis and what they like/dislike.

Try to get a sense for what the staff looks for when evaluating candidates for full-time openings. You may pick up valuable information that you can use in a cover letter or interview should you apply in the future to that company or similar organization.

Get to know top decision-makers – they can provide valuable insight as to why and how things are done.

Ask to attend meetings (e.g., regular staff meetings, division meetings) as this is a good strategy for learning about the company’s organizational culture.


Build Your Network

Collect business cards – you will need them when looking for a full-time job.

Always send thank you e-mails/notes to those who help you in some way. Write a thank you note to your supervisor when you are finished with the internship.

Keep in touch with your co-workers and supervisor after leaving the site.


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