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Employability - show your students a gateway to global opportunities

Employability Erasmus+ Educator



Are you an educator that would love your students and graduates to have access to an online community that features graduate jobs and programs from around the world ?

Employability is fast becoming one of the major considerations for students and graduates and the success rate in this field is a key factor in deciding where to study.

Matching4You was created by two graduates who struggled to find appropriate work experience during the study and after graduation. While it has developed into a more far-reaching platform, this aspect remains at the heart of our ZERO UNEMPLOYMENT GLOBALLY mission.

The benefits of joining the community, for free, as an EDUCATOR are two-fold. You can signpost your students, graduates, postgraduates, and alumni to local and global employment and training opportunities. You can also use the credits that you accumulate as an Educator on the platform, to market your courses or any employment vacancies you have, for free.

Erasmus+ is a featured partner and the shared experiences of studying abroad, in our Community Insights section, could also be a lure for many international students who may be attracted to educational institutions.

The community provides FREE FOR-LIFE access for graduates and job seekers and Educators. By Educators, we mean Universities and Colleges, Student Unions, Training Providers, and any associated support services that have employability as one of the outcome goals of the organization.


Create your EDUCATOR profile for free now. Register today at www.matching4you.com




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