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Post your job opportunities, unlock candidates

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In the UK in 2020/2021, the average number of applications for each job vacancy advertised, ranged from 25 applications for specialist niche sector roles, up to 506 for low skilled positions. Recruiters and employers often find that a high proportion of applicants do not possess the essential skills and experience outlined in the job description and advertising campaigns. This makes for a time-consuming, expensive, and frustrating exercise.

Matching4You has created an ecosystem where candidates create a comprehensive profile that includes their CV, skills, experience, and personal preferences, and they are then automatically matched to any opportunity an employer uploads that fit the criteria. Candidate profiles are sent to the employer inbox and they can unlock and contact those that look of interest. People cannot randomly apply for your roles.

If you are a recruiter, employer, hiring manager, or HR team that wants to streamline their process while attracting the best, most relevant talent, then you can register for a RECRUITER account for free today. Create your Recruiter profile today at www.matching4you.com 


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