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Erasmus adventure in Ljubljana



My Erasmus story starts in Ljubljana in the academic year 2018/2019. Maybe even a bit earlier. So, a couple of years prior to my Erasmus adventure I was on a motorcycle trip and we happened to pass next to Soča. It was such a beautiful sight I thought to myself, "This is the country I want to live in. This is it." Fast forward 2 years, I got an opportunity to go to student exchange, and of course, I had chosen Slovenia I wanted to go for a "test drive", to see if living here was something I truly wanted. To this day, that one year spent in Ljubljana was the most wonderful time of my life so far.


I lived in a student dorm. There, I met one of the most wonderful and best people in my life. They inspired me to do so much more with my life and I can't thank them enough. They showed me what true friendship looks like. They showed me how to keep pushing for greatness. They showed me how to have a good time. They showed me how to love others and myself.

Those wonderful people left a lasting impression. And to this day we're still in contact, we regularly make video calls. Erasmus may not always be where you will prosper academically, but it is one hell of a life lesson. It is a school for life. Going on Erasmus was hands down the best decision I made in my life. I could write on and on about this experience, but this is where I'll stop myself.

P.S. Everyone should at least try one semester of a student exchange. It is truly worth it!


Thanks to Merzlota7 for sharing this article


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