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6 Professions that will exist in the future

future jobs



Just 15 years ago job titles like “an app developer”, “a social media influencer” or “an Uber driver” would have made no sense to anyone. But nowadays even careers in Virtual Reality Design or Artificial Intelligence Learning don’t come across that weird to us. Here we have a list of the most curious jobs and careers which we could be working at, in a not-so-distant future! These are 6 jobs that will soon exist and might even turn into some of the leading future professions.

Number 1 would be Memory Surgeons

This might sound quite creepy, but memory curators or surgeons could provide a ‘live well’ solution for customers by surgically altering the memories of the patients.

Removing negative memories could treat depression, fears, or mental illnesses. Some similar careers might even go further: for example, memory architects or mixed reality builders would be creating virtual memories or experiences to reduce anxiety.

To reduce stress and improve the general quality of life. With recent advancements in both neuroscience and technology, the era of digital brain implants is very close. That’s right, specialized computer chips will provide benefits such as enhanced memory and treatment for many mental health conditions. That’s why those who currently work in neuroscience, like practicing brain surgeons have the highest chance of becoming memory surgeons in the future.

Organ/Body Part Creators

Every minute new name get added to a long waiting list for organ donors. Many specialists are convinced that the shortage of organ transplants will lead scientists to create organs and body parts from stem cells and other materials. Some of these materials might not even exist yet, but 3D printing could well be used to “grow” such organs on demand. This might be one of the most interesting and rewarding career choices in the nearest future. Candidates with a background in molecular biology, tissue engineering, or biomedical engineering might be those in charge of developing this area further.

Digital currency planners

Most of us have already heard about Bitcoins, but a lot of people still have no clue how blockchain technology works. It didn’t even exist until 2008. There are already quite a few cryptocurrency analysts, who are responsible for analyzing and predicting crypto trends. The studies related to crypto and the related jobs grow each year. As a digital currency planner, you’d be advising clients about the complexities of cryptocurrencies to help them manage their virtual financial portfolio. These professionals might be those with a background in finance and financial management, accounting, data security, etc.

Extinct species revivalists

We, humans, continue to cause harm to our planet. The extinction of plants, animals, and microorganisms is constant. In so many cases, we don't even realize how important those species are to the health of the world's ecosystems. Until they are gone, of course. As zoologists and other scientists learn about the widespread ecological impacts of extinction, it's becoming clear that many species play crucial roles in supporting the environments that humans rely on. That’s why conserving threatened species is essential. Science can also advance to the point of bringing back some of the species. Species that are gone extinct and reintegrate into their natural environments.

Commercial Space Pilots

This could be one of the most appealing future jobs to come. A few current world’s visionaries are currently pushing with commercial space programs, that’s why space transportation might become a reality very soon. The pilots of these commercial spaceships will require to have a strong background in Aerospace Engineering, Physics, Computer Science, etc. Excellent physical and mental health. Spaceship pilots will also require specialized training and instruction probably similar to astronauts, also to other flight training, much like all the commercial aircraft pilots of today.

3D-Printed Food Engineers

The world’s population will reach 10 billion by 2050. Agricultural Systems, as we know them, won’t be able to supply enough food for everyone. The food will be grown in labs and even be printed in 3D. It is already being done. But at the moment most 3D printers do not produce great-tasting or elaborated meals from scratch. They are getting better, and what’s already clear is that they contribute to better sustainability and more affordable nutrition. 3D printed food will soon become a part of our average diet, watch this space.

Would you like to work in any of these fields ? Which other jobs will become careers of the future ? 


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